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The Genius Cat mission is to help foster a lifelong love of reading through creating and publishing books that entertain, inspire, and educate.  #GeniusCat blends the imagination and whimsy of childhood with the wisdom of adulthood to bring kids engaging, enjoyable books with messages that last a lifetime.


Karen Kilpatrick
Karen Kilpatrick knows her ABC’s and likes to write, so she makes up combinations of words on the computer. Write, rinse, repeat!

She is also a mom of three, runs a nonprofit called Authors4Education, is the Marketing Chair on the board of directors for Women in Toys, created and launched a plush brand called MeBears through Russ, and occasionally agents, lawyers, and consults. 

Germán Blanco
Germán Blanco likes doodling so he draws some caricatures and then puts them on the computer, voilà.

He is also a graphic designer, a former Creative Director for a global toy company, and a member of the board of directors for Authors4Education. Germán is the illustrator of When Pencil Met Eraser and When Pencil Met the Markers.