School Visits

Want to bring your students the most educational fun ever?

We love sharing our books and messages through readings, presentations, and both writing and art workshops.

We can work in small groups or at large assemblies. Our learning experiences are designed to be engaging, experiential, informative, and entertaining!

We also can create specific learning experiences to meet your needs. Potential topics include (and can be combined):

  • Storytelling 101

  • How to Draw Your Favorite Characters

  • Pop!: Handling Worry/Disappointment

  • Pop!/When Pencil Met the Markers: Being Comfortable With Yourself/Being Different

  • When Pencil Met Eraser/When Pencil Met the Markers: Collaboration, Creativity, & Friendship

  • The Last Cookie: Patience/Delayed Gratification

We are currently available for virtual events. Please contact us for availability and rates.